Partnership with Civic Vibes 



Echo78 is a US based nonprofit organization formed in May 2019, to empower youth globally through Life Enrichment projects. 

Its vision is to motivate and inspire young people to participate in development activities to maximize their full potential in the era of global awareness, growth, and productivity. 

The organization is developing specific strategies to connect with young people in their various locations and devise the best programs to appropriately engage them to meet their specific needs. 


Echo78 has partnered with Civic Vibes on its Youth Program where the youth are given a voice to express their views on matters, they see affecting them through civic engagement in their community and Dominica as a whole.


Since that time the organization has broadened its scope to include matters related to climate action in Dominica and the region. Echo78 realizes that climate change has brought new challenges to the youth and considers the area of extreme importance. 




Contact Us: info@echo78.org